Wednesday, 7 March 2018

World Book Day, autism, anxiety and conformity

World Book Day

I think it's great too. It's a really positive thing, and a great idea that kids and schools engage in books and reading.

But it's also a pain the jacksie...

One half of our school age family is engaged, excited, self-organising and, well, simply bouncy at the idea of World Book Day. She has some oversized black-ringed cardboard specs, and other things, to go as Where's Wally.

I have to mention that our WBD is Today. It was originally scheduled for last Friday, but Friday turned into a Snow Day. So it was rescheduled to today. This is significant.

The other half of our school age family doesn't like being the centre of attention in social situations, doesn't like being looked at, doesn't like people making a fuss, won't like anyone asking him "who have you come as?", would just rather nobody spoke to him about it, unless he's ready to speak first. Having to dress up in anything out of the norm (i.e. not uniform), causes significant levels of anxiety for days in advance - not to mention various upheavals on the day itself. Autism, anxiety and just being a normal kid with a few worries, a mix of those things, or just one.

Having to go through this "build up" twice in the space of a week - due to the Snow Day - doesn't help. Being cooped up inside for much of the bitter cold - rather than outside bombing about on a bike - doesn't help. Your sister having a friend over for a sleepover at the weekend - doesn't help.

But we're there... he is dressed up today as Mike Teavee, the "modern" version who's into video games (yup) rather than pop-guns (I'm guessing they're not a great idea for school?). It pretty much means he's wearing normal clothes, but he's got one discreet accessory (a cardboard Game Boy) to go with it.

He's content, he'll have a great day.

And yeah, I'm having a moan, but it's a wee bit demoralising that WBD is something to get through, not necessarily to enjoy.

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